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Used Shoes for Export

We can customize a package of used shoes for your needs. We sell A+ good quality used shoes. They are a mix of Men's, Women's, and Children's shoes.

We can fit 650-700 bags into a 40 foot container, and 295 bags fit into a 20 foot container. Our product is all sourced and shipped from the United States.

Normal Package Features:

  • At least 5 Athletic Shoes
  • At least 5 Men's Shoes
  • Mix of Men's Women's, Children's
  • Packed in 50 Pound Bags for export
  • Approximately 650-700 bags fit in a 40 foot container
  • Approximately 295 bags fit in a 20 foot container

This package is sold at $1.55 per pound price.

The price can vary slightly based on your customized needs, contact us for more information.

Photos: Our shoes packages being prepared

Videos: Our Shoes being prepared

Videos: Our shoes being delivered to customers all over the world

Communication and Service

We have excellent customer service, and we understand the needs to having clear and open communication, so we can build the best export packages for you.

Increase your Business

Since our sourcing has been established over many years. We can help you customize your order, so you can get more of the inventory you want, increasing your business

Logistics and Expertise

We understand your logistic needs, and can handle specific requests based off of your local markets needs. We have experience shipping all over the world.


Our products can be found in marketplaces all over the World

Our shoe packages end up being exported and sold all over the world. We specialize in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America.