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Our Story

The founders of Gilded Exports have over 15 years of experience in the shoe, clothing, and apparel business. We have ran successful retail stores, e-commerce, and wholesale operations. Our offices are based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. We warehouse and ship from Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, New Jersey, and Seattle/Tacoma.

Our current focus is selling used shoes and clothing to international markets. We enjoy working with our clients, helping to understand their local markets needs.

We encourage our clients to visit us to help build a relationship, and it will help us understand and customize your packages

Meet the Team

We have a passion and long history shoes, clothing, fashion, and apparel. We also love to travel and see our products being sold in foreign marketplaces. We love understanding our clients business needs & also their cultures!


Avais Ahmed

CEO and President

Avais has been in the shoe and clothing business for 15 years. His understanding of the needs of local suppliers, and has the expertise in logistics to ship our products anywhere in the world. He has traveled to 17 countries, and seen our products being sold in local markets.


Areesh Ahmed

Vice President

Areesh has been in the shoe and clothing industry for 15 years. He has managed retail stores, online sales, and wholesale. He has worked with major shoe brands and distributers to help source our shoes. He has traveled to over 14 countries to help him understand the local markets.